CSUN 320Wp Monocrystalline

PERC Cell Technology. Higher output power. Lower risk of micro-crack. Positive tolerance offer. Lower risk of hot spot.

General Details
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Rated Power (Pmax) 320Wp
Max. Power Voltage (Vmpp) 33.3V
Max. Power Current (Lmpp) 9.61A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 40.2V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 10.17A
Max. System Voltage 1000V
Cell Efficiency 19.24%
Positive Power Tolerance ±3%
Dimension 1680x990x35mm
Weight 18.7Kg
  • PERC Cell Technology
  • Higher output power
  • Lower risk of micro-crack
  • Positive tolerance offer
  • Lower risk of hot spot
  • Better shading tolerance
  • Load certificates: wind to 2400Pa and static snow to 5400Pa
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