Rechargeable VRLA Sealed Lead-Acid Solar Battery 2V 800Ah

General Details
Nominal Voltage 2V
Number of cell 1
Nominal Capacity 800Ah
Size LxWxH 383x171x330
Weight Approx. 50.5Kg
Terminal M8
Internal Resistance Approx 0.22mΩ (Fully charged)
Self-Discharge less than 2% at 25°C
Design Life 10 years (Floating charge)
General Features
  • Sealed and maintenance free
  • Non-spillable construction design
  • ABS containers and covers
  • Safety valve installation for explosion proof
  • Excellent deep discharge recovery
  • Low self-discharge
  • Flexible designs for multiple installation positions
  • Design life:10 years(float charge)
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